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02_DICM_bedspace_seatedposition_lowAbout the Charity

All the funds raised by the charity are used towards improving the care of critically ill patients and supporting their families. The equipment used in Intensive Care is very costly and the Charity has used its funds to purchase state of the art life saving equipment including ventilators (life support machines) and renal dialysis machines.

Recently the charity has provided £50,000 towards the purchase of a computerised clinical information system that will improve accuracy and availability of clinical information at the bedside. In addition to ensuring that results of the wide and complex range of tests that intensive care patients undergo are immediately available at the bedside, the system will free up nursing time and allow them to dedicate more time to direct patient care.

The Charity actively supports training and education for nursing staff. Each year a number if nurses are able to obtain further training by attending an Intensive Care conference that they would not be able to attend without the support of the charity.

The Charity also supports the families of critically ill patients at a very stressful and difficult time. Donations have been used to improve the facilities for families of patients admitted to the unit.

The Charity relies on the hard work of its supporters and Trustees who all provide their time voluntarily.

The Charity is currently fundraising for the following items that will improve the care of critically ill patients in Plymouth.

  • SimMan 3G: A high fidelity simulator that will be used on the Critical Care unit for nursing and doctor training.
  • Video bronchoscope: This will allow the medical staff to improve the management of patients with tracheostomies



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